Rail Service

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Inventory Control

OCTG Inspection Services

LO Transport’s Rail service facility was established to support our customer’s rail needs. Union Pacific rail service via LO Transport’s rail spur will help our customers logistically and in a cost effective manner. Our rail facility is fully equipped to handle OCTG among other types of shipments.  We currently provide rail-to-rack service or rail-to-location service.  LO Transport can supply the transportation to any location via our fleet of flat bed trucks.

LO Transport’s OCTG Inventory Control Facility offers 50 acres of storage space strategically located north of Pleasanton, Texas on interstate 37.  With LO Transport’s staff of experienced inventory control and fleet dispatch employees our customers enjoy the “all-in-one” package only LO Transport can deliver.  With one call or email you can dispatch your cargo to its destination timely and efficiently. LO Transport can supply you with all your cargo needs including drift and tally, and forklift services.  With one call or email LO Transport is your stream-lined solution.

LO Transport offers OCTG inspection services on location provided by our partner, Bless Oilfield Services (BOS).  BOS can handle all of your inspection needs with their 21,000 square foot facility based on LO Transport’s Pleasanton location.  


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